Islamic Cultural Center Of Iceland Programs & Activities

  • School of Iqra

    learning Arabic, Icelandic and English is part of the center’s program in the new Year 2016. Quality is highly considered. Special Arabic Course for non-Arabs will be resumed, so get ready dear interested students. Warm welcome to all knowledge seekers
  • Join Us in Ramadan

    All Muslims break fast as one family in Center, thanks to our brothers and sisters that contributes in making a variety of food and delirious Ramadan meals, after 21 hours of fasting, May Allah bless them all.
  • We help people to get know Islam

    We provide help to people that want to know about Islam, by providing free books, Speeches and other activities. So feel free to contact us or visit, you are always welcome.


Islamic Cultural Center Of Iceland (ICCI) is an independent, non-profit, community based organization. our mission is to:

Our Mission

  1. preserve the Islamic identity from loss and To give the true image about Islam and It´s Prophet and sanctities.
  2. To introduce the true Islam to non Muslims and Care of new Muslims and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among them.
  3. Raising Muslim children and teach them in accordance with the tolerant teaching of Islam.
  4. To remove misconceptions about subversive ideas and the difference deviant and link Muslims with the Mosque, Prayer, Education and various religious activities.
Kids Activities in the Center
Ahmed Sedeeq giving a speech to students from University of Iceland
Intruducing Islam and offering free books about Islam

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